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Amazon To Release E Ink Colour Touchscreen Kindle Reader?

A new report by DigiTimes has revealed that retail giant Amazon is planning to introduce an updated version of its massively popular Kindle eReader in late 2012. The new Kindle variant will come equipped with a bright touchscreen as well as an exciting E Ink facility which will feature a coloured display, claimed Shiny Shiny.

The new colour Kindle would make use of the same technology as seen in the earlier Kindle devices as well as make it possible to read even under direct sunlight. A Chinese newspaper also reported that E Ink will attempt to ship somewhere around 3 million colour displays per month as the production begins.

At one point it appeared that Amazon was going to launch a colour Kindle with the use of Qualcomm's Mirasol colour screen technology, but now it seems that it is going to go ahead with the E Ink technology.

As the Kindle Fire model is yet to hit the UK stores, the nation's consumers may have to wait a little while longer for the new Kindle model to be launched, with Amazon remaining tight-lipped over its release date.