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Apple iPhone is Almost Entirely Handmade, ABC Report Reveals

Following the growing interest in the fate of Chinese workers who 'slave' over Apple's highly sought-after gadgets, ABC aired a detailed investigation into Foxconn factories.

The host of late evening news show Nightline, Bill Weir, delivered a series of insights that give a glimpse into the manufacturing process of the iPhone and iPad. The report is based on extensive surveys conducted among workers and also interviews with their families.

The Fair Labor Association president Auret van Heerden also gave his input into the matter. One of the most interesting pieces of information retrieved is that an iPhone is almost entirely handmade and the assembly process has 141 stages.

To make an iPad takes five days and through the hole process the device goes through 325 pairs of hands. Workers in Foxconn factories make $1.78 an hour and they work in 12 hour shifts.

Apparently Apple has made a suggestion to the manufacturer to double the workers' pay which, surprisingly, a Foxconn exec said they 'welcomed', Apple Insider reports.

Currently, Apple is scrambling to maintain its reputation in response to customers' concern over the apparent serious breaches of workers' rights which started investigations into working conditions at the Foxconn factories (albeit commissioned by Apple itself).

The Cupertino-based company paid about a quarter of a million dollars to have an audit carried out by the Fair Labor Association.

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