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Broadband Speeds For Third of UK Households 'Below Average'

New research has found that broadband speeds of almost a third of all UK households are far below the national average.

The study was conducted by price comparison portal uSwitch, with the data revealing that whilst approximately 50 per cent of UK's households were connected to a broadband network with a speed of 6.7 Mbps or above, a third had to remain content with a speed of only 5 Mbps.

According to uSwitch's findings, the East Sussex village of Winchelsea had the slowest broadband connection, averaging at just 1.1 Mbps. However, when it came to urban regions, Hereford emerged as the slowest city with an average speed of 3.1 Mbps.

Only recently it was reported that the UK government had plans to equip most of the nation's households with superfast broadband connections by 2015, whilst making sure that all the homes enjoyed a broadband speed of at least 2 Mbps within the same time frame.

"Britain might be riding the wave of a super-fast broadband revolution, but for 49% who get less than the national average broadband speed, the wave isn't causing so much a splash as a ripple," Julia Stent, director of telecoms at uSwitch, stated, as reported by BBC News.

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