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Catalyst Pritect Offers Some Kinect Privacy

For those worried about their Kinect camera getting hacked and people watching them while they wander about in their underwear, US firm Catalyst have produced an ingenious solution - a plastic cover.

Known as the Pritect, it really is as simple as a small plastic shell that slips right over the motion tracker. To make it sound a little more complicated than that, Catalyst says that the "Pritect eliminates the view of the distracting LED indicator and infrared sensor lights for optimal use in the video display area of any home theater environment." So again, it's just a piece of plastic.

Of course lots of thought has gone into it though, as it's "designed for minimal impact," and it "seamlessly slips on and off." What a piece of technology.

Something that's likely to be a bit of contention for Kinect users though, is that this protective, privacy cover doesn't affect voice communication. Of course this allows you to still use voice commands to control your Xbox, but it could potentially mean if your Kinect was somehow hacked, people could listen in still.

Other detractions from reviewers on the Amazon page have suggested that it's also a pain to have to reach the sensor if mounted on the wall, and if it isn't secured properly, attaching the Pritect can knock the Kinect off its ideal placement. This sounds like nitpicking really.

This product also sounds unnecessary. A folded piece of paper would work as well. Or a sock draped over it.

Available only in the US at the moment, anyone wanting a cheap plastic cover for their Kinect can expect to shell out $15.

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