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Consumers Wants Expensive iPad 2 Tablets Not Cheap Android Ones Says Poll

A straw poll carried out by online website BroadbandGenie found out that only 8.5 per cent of those who answered the poll said that they intend to "definitely" buy a budget tablet with those saying they will go for the top end models topping 17 per cent.

Of the 1000 or so respondents, more than a quarter already had a tablet, 30 per cent said they wouldn't buy a tablet in 2012 and 16.5 said that they may buy one this year.

Broadbandgenie says that the result would be seen as a blow for makers of low-end Android tablets and cheaper models from non-Apple brands like the RIM BlackBerry Playbook.

The site's editor suggests that the lack of enthusiasm for cheap tablets stems from the fact that we don't have much choice; while US consumers have the Nook and the Kindle Fire, UK customers are stuck with "overpriced, oversized smartphones".

However, the argument is too simplistic. Both the Nook and the Kindle Fire are proprietary tablets with a closed ecosystem, not unlike Apple's iPad and both are subsidised.

As for the choice of answers, perhaps Broadband Genie should have swapped the terms "budget" and "top end", for indiscriminate, non-judgemental price range (up to £200, between £201 and £400, more than £400).

After all, no one aspires to buy "cheap", "value" or "budget" products and one could argue that the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook was never meant to be a "budget" tablet.

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