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ForeScout Mobile Brings Access Control to Mobile Device Management

US based ForeScout Technologies has rolled out an all new offering in the form of ForeScout Mobile - a plug-in module designed for iOS and Android platforms that the company claims, will play a vital role in allowing businesses to keep things in order even when a number of devices are using their corporate resources.

The company announced on a proud note that the new offering is capable enough to collect all essential information regarding software, hardware and configuration settings for each and every iOS and Android powered devices being used and then process that extensive set of information to the concerned central appliance.

The information then can be used by the in-house IT department in order to specify the security parameters in each connected device. In addition, they can also limit, or totally block network access on the basis of device type/ownership/compliance/time of the day and other factors.

ForeScout also added that the offering can also be used to protect enterprise resources. For example, the IT department can instantly turn off the camera from an iOS or Android device without even disrupting other functionalities whenever the situation demands.

[Source: PC World]