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Huddle Sync Allows Businesses To Dropbox Sync With Ease

The latest intelligent synchronisation tool of UK based cloud vendor Huddle will see the company bring a Dropbox-like sync ability for shared enterprise documents within the virtual marketplace, as well as offer better security and productivity aspects.

The issue concerning enterprise collaboration is that it has long been tied to enterprise servers, and having to constantly check incoming and outgoing documents before anyone can begin work on them can lead to a long and tiring collaborating process.

However, this will no longer be a dilemma as Huddle has claimed that with the launch of their private beta release of Huddle Sync, they have overcome a primary hurdle of enterprise collaboration.

In a pre brief held in London last week, CEO at Huddle, Alastair Mitchell, said: "We're very excited."

"People don't realise the enormity of how this changes the way you work." reported ZD Net.

The tool will allow collaborators to update as well as read shared files at the same time, whether they are on or offline.

Huddle also launched a new iPhone application that will let employees collaborate on synced documents, giving them the opportunity to view, comment and also approve whether in the office or on the move.

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