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Intel To Open Foundry Kimono To Third Parties?

US based semiconductor giant Intel considering making available its chip manufacturing units to a wider range of third party customers, the company has announced (ed : although we don't think AMD will be considered).

As part of this move, the company is expanding its chip-to-order business by including additional customers and allowing them to make the full out of its 22nm process infrastructure, revealed Intel's spokesperson Chuck Mulloy.

Intel used to exclusively retain its manufacturing units for the company's own chips. The company announced that it would soon make field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) available to Achronix Semiconductor.

Mulloy also pointed out that the company is already manufacturing microprocessors (Ivy Bridge) based on its 22nm 3D Tri-gate process. According to him, computers sporting these chips will be hitting store shelves worldwide in the next few months.

"We think we've got a world-class process. We also understand we are an integrated device manufacturer, but we don't have experience as a foundry," Mulloy stated, as reported by the Computer World. "It's very much about us learning how to do this," he added.

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