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iOS 5.0.1 Flaw Allows iPhone Intruders to Make Calls, Access Contacts

According to a recent report, iOS 5.0.1, released primarily to fix a bug affecting battery life has introduced another bug potentially compromising iPhone owners' privacy.

This newly discovered security flaw apparently allows unauthorised access to an iPhone, including the address book, call lists, and even allows intruders to make phone calls from the hacked iPhone. But before you start panicking - it's not very easy for a hacker to carry out and requires that they have access to your handset.

As the guys at iPhoneIslam (via iMore) found out and demonstrated in a 3 minute video, a person of ill-intent could mess with an phone's settings and take advantage, although the process is quite complicated. The hacker needs to be in possession of the iPhone in order to remove the SIM card and reinsert it after receiving a missed call, and thereby somehow confuse the iPhone to unlock and allow the perpetrator to place calls, access contacts, etc.

This is by no means the first time a bug has been found in iOS affecting users privacy. Previously a similar bug found in iOS 4 allowed access to a locked device, letting hackers snoop into contacts, favorites or voicemail. More recently a timestamp bug found in iOS 5 welcomed intruders into the camera roll of a locked iPhone.

There is no news yet if the upcoming iOS 5.1 will fix this bug.

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