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iPads Boost Kindergarten Kids' Learning Capabilities

According to a recent study, the iPad is an efficient educational tool even for children as young as five.

An experiment conducted in Auburn, Maine showed that Apple's tablets can make kids more receptive to learning and score higher in literacy tests.

The industry is adapting quickly to new parenting trends, with a huge array of applications for iPhone and iPad specifically designed to help toddlers in their efforts to make sense of the world around them.

For parents and teachers, deciding which apps are more appropriate for specific age groups and for specific learning objectives, is a challenge in itself. For the study conducted in Auburn, the researchers were careful not to shift focus from education to technology and in doing so altering the results.

129 children were taught using iPads, while 137 were given traditional methods. Each student was tested before and after the study and the results revealed that the iPad kids outperformed their colleagues 'in every literacy measure', as The Loop reports.

The novelty of having fun gadgets may have played a role and Apple's tablets seemed to provide extra motivation.

Sue Dorris, principal at East Auburn Community School explained: "The apps, which teach and reinforce fundamental literacy concepts and skills, are engaging, interactive and provide children with immediate feedback. What's more, teachers can customize apps to match the instructional needs of each child, so students are able to learn successfully at their own level and pace."

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