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iPhone 4S Rival Alert : Huawei Ascend D1 Q Image Appears

The first pictures of the Huawei's forthcoming superphone, the Ascend D1 Q, have appeared online courtesy of Chinese tech website Techorz.

It looks like the marketing brochure of the handset was leaked to the site. It reads "Designed from Inside to Outside, to empower the user, Rational intuition, considered details".

The handset, which will come with a quad core processor (possibly the Nvidia Tegra 3), will be launched at Mobile World Congress next week and may be a massive marketing coup for Huawei.

The phone appears to have a red bordeaux speaker grill and camera border, the same colour scheme as the HTC Sensation XE, and shapes that one would expect to come from HTC or Samsung.

Other than Ice Cream Sandwich, not much is known about Huawei's candidate for the premium market other than the fact it does apparently come with a dedicated camera button.

LG, ZTE, Samsung and HTC are also rumoured to be launching quad core smartphones with Sony and Motorola missing out.