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Legal Claims Can be Served Through Facebook Rules UK High Court Judge

A judge in the United Kingdom's High Court ruled that various legal claims can get served via Facebook. This is definitely not a surprise as these days an overwhelming proportion of the educated population in the country are active on this popular social networking website.

As commented by Jenni Jenkins, a lawyer at Memery Crystal, a commercial law firm, "It's a fairly natural progression. A High Court judge has already ruled that an injunction can be served via Twitter, so it's a hop, skip, and a jump away from that to allow claims to be served via Facebook.", reported The Telegraph.

This seems like an effort by the court for reaching out to those who are otherwise not reachable. However, this newly accepted process depends upon how regularly the concerned user visits his or her Facebook account. In fact in the present suit, the judge even inquired whether the Facebook page that is in question is regularly visited or not.

However, with this new approval one can expect that few legal documents might be waiting for some users on their Facebook walls or in their personal message box on the social networking website.

It seems the very popular social networking site that has around 800 million members is more than just for socialising and slowly its authenticity has been accepted at various levels.