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Microsoft Bing Search Results Personalised

Software giant Microsoft is revamping the Bing search engine by introducing a handful of new features including the one that provides users more personalised search results.

With this new offering, the Redmond based Windows maker will be following the footsteps of arch rival Google who introduced a similar feature sometimes back.

As a part of this renovation process, the company has introduced a new feature dubbed "Linked Pages" which, as of now, is specifically meant for its US users only. This new feature will be relying heavily on Facebook content in order to establish a connection between the search query and the possible results that the users may be hoping to find.

"Whether it's an old friend, a former classmate or (ahem) yourself, searching for people is one of the most common things we do on the web," Microsoft announced in a blog post.

"With people search being such a high volume pastime, we're taking it a step further letting you have more control in how you show up on Bing. Beginning today, with Linked Pages, we're letting you link websites related to you in search results," it added.

With this new feature Microsoft may be perhaps planning to reduce the lead Google currently enjoys over it in the online search market.