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Microsoft Complains to EU of Motorola Foul Play

Microsoft has launched a complaint with the European regulators against Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. for exploiting some key patents, it has in its portfolio, to gain an advantage in the mobile device market.

As claimed by Microsoft, Motorola is making an attempt to "block sales" of its products by charging high prices for standard essential patents and not keeping the promise as made in the agreement to make them available to the manufacturers in a fair and non-discriminatory" terms.

Further, Microsoft also said that Motorola is demanding high prices from the manufacturers for standard essential patents involving a crucial wireless technology. "Motorola is on a path to use standard essential patents to kill video on the Web, and Google as its new owner doesn't seem to be willing to change course", said Dave Heiner, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Microsoft in a blog post.

"There is an obvious way out of all this. Motorola should honour its promises, and make its standard essential patents available on fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory (FRAND) terms", he added.

Samsung is also under the surveillance of European Commission followed by the allegations that like Motorola Mobility, it too was taking undue advantages of its patents for gaining an edge over the rivals in the smartphone market.

It clearly indicates that an intense patent war is going on among the major technology companies with everyone looking forward to establish their dominance over tablet computers, smartphones, and other upcoming computing devices. If Microsoft and Motorola do not reach an agreement, the decision of how the patents should be priced will be left on the discretion of the competition-law agencies.

The Google-Motorola deal has been finalised by US and European authorities but Google is still waiting for approval from China and other countries as well.