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Microsoft Takes a Dig at Google with 'Googlighting' Video

A new Microsoft video has surfaced on the web that takes a dig at arch rival Google's popular productivity suit Google Apps.

Microsoft uploaded this "Googlighting" video on YouTube. The video features a salesman in white suit and multi-coloured neck tie that reminiscent the Google logo. The video further shows that the salesman reaches late for a pitch meeting and then attempts to sell the Google Apps.

Then a female business executive asks the salesman "Wait, you want us to be your lab rats?" To this question the salesman replies "Pioneer", reported PC Mag. Hearing this, the executive shots many questions related to features that Microsoft thinks the Google Apps lack, for example, spell check as well as effective offline access to more frequent software updates.

The ad ends with: "Beware the Googlighting Stranger," The video does not end here, there is more to it. This is definitely not the very first time when Microsoft has attacked Google in the form of a video. In fact, in the month of July also Microsoft Office 365 team made a spoof video for a sales conference which made fun of Gmail.