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NETGEAR And Sierra Wireless Introduce New 3G Broadband Voice Router

Today saw the arrival of the NETGEAR MVBR1210C Mobile Broadband Voice Router, an exclusive new facility working in conjunction with mobile network operators in order to extend their voice services to the customers' home phones.

Developed along with Sierra Wireless, the NETGEAR MVBR121C HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Voice Router is all set for immediate deployment.

The router works by extending the mobile voice service through their wired voice port, which will in turn allow mobile operators to deliver data as well as voice services to their customers - eliminating the need for a fixed line voice function.

Patrick Lo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at NETGEAR, explained: "The availability of the NETGEAR MVBR1210C represents an important milestone in extending mobile voice services into the home." reported Sacramento Bee.

The new router has incorporated Sierra Wireless 3G mobile broadband technology, with the integration allowing NETGEAR to deliver a high performance, cost effective mobile broadband router. This is due to the technology offered by Sierra Wireless allowing seamless integration of the NETGEAR MVBR1210C along with deployment of mobile broadband network infrastructures.

Expressing his delight of the collaboration, Patrick stated: "We are pleased to partner with Sierra Wireless, a world-class mobile technology leader, to integrate voice and high-speed wireless capabilities into our mobile broadband routers."

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