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Nokia Pure View may be Launched at MWC 2012

New reports suggest that Nokia is going to announce a new technology called "Pure View" in the coming edition of Mobile World Congress. Though, no details have been revealed by the company as of now, word on the tech streets is that the new offering is probably related to camera phone technology some way or the other.

On Tuesday, the Finnish mobile giant released promotional video on YouTube in order to create hypes all around the market about this new possibly-camera-related technology. The video duration is merely 22 seconds and it shows a bunch of snowy landscape accompanied by the phrases "pure definition", "pure depth" as well as "pure detail".

The video which asks the viewers to remain prepared to "capture a pure view", ends after flashing the date February 27 which happens to by inaugural day of this year's edition of the much awaited MWC.

"While details about Pure View are scant, the upcoming announcement likely relates to some type of smartphone camera technology," PC Mag noted.

Meanwhile, the company also promised to provide more details on the announced Pure View technology during the MWC.