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Nvidia Renames Tegra 3 Quad as '4-Plus-1'

Forget Nvidia's Quad Core Tegra 3 chip branding, the final name has now been decided upon - it's now known as 4-Plus-1.

Previously known as "companion core," "ninja core," and various other strange brands, Nvidia's new name is certainly more official sounding. Announced yesterday in a blog post by the green graphics chip manufacturer, manager of Mobile Business at the firm described it as a technology that customers wanted to have a unique name - something "descriptive". "A name they could put on a box or a store sign that immediately represents its value."

In reality I find it hard to believe that general customers of smart phones and tablets even know what hardware is inside, let alone care about what it's called. However, this new name is certainly more descriptive of what this technology actually is: Four general purpose processor cores twinned with a low power alternative for idling. This enables power saving on an impressive scale and for low power tasks to be completed without much heat output.

The official re-branding is going on right now, with products sporting the new chip to be detailed as including '4-Plus-1' architecture as soon as Mobile World Conference in Barcelona next week.

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