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Panasonic To Launch New Handset At MWC With A Tablet To Follow

Fresh from the launch of the Eluga at an event in Hamburg, Panasonic is set to announce a new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona next week according to Pocket-Lint.

A source told the publication that the new phone woud be "even more premium" than the new one which means a bigger screen (bigger than 4.3-inch)., a front facing camera and a display that will use some home-grown, Panasonic technology (maybe Mobile Viera, like Sony's Mobile Bravia) and Lumix technology for the camera (like Sony did for the Sony Ericsson range).

It will run on Android and will have a dual core processor at its heart. Whether it will be called Eluga, or will have flash at the back, more than 8GB onboard storage or a microSD card slot, we're not sure.

The same source also confirmed that Panasonic will sell a consumer-focused Android tablet later this year and this one as well may be showcased at Mobile World Congress next week. Will two smartphones and one tablet be enough for Panasonic to have a successful 2012?

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