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Amazon France Debuts Xbox 360 10 Year Anniversary Bundle

Amazon France has a ten year anniversary bundle for the Xbox 360 on its site, despite it being more than ten years since the original Xbox was released and only six years since the 360 hit the shelves.

If you're wondering if this is perhaps a mis-translation, check out the page yourself. "10 ans de Xbox." So it's 10 years of the original Xbox? While that doesn't make much sense if you're a US reader - since the Xbox hit those shelves at the end of 2001 - us Europeans only got our first look in on 22nd of March 2002. So Amazon France might be jumping the gun somewhat but it does make sense.

It'd make more sense if this was Amazon Japan, since they got the Xbox on 22nd of February, but there we go.

This anniversary bundle comes with a 250GB version of the 360, Halo anniversary, Halo Reach, Gears of War 2 (why not 3?), Fable III, a "Manette sans fil noire" (which wonderfully translates as hand lever without black wire) and an Xbox Live Gold account for three months.

The pricing for the console which will become available on 9th of March is 280 euros which equates out to just under £240.

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