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AMD has Increased Graphics Market Share over NVidia

AMD has increased its share of the graphics card market, inching ahead of long time rival Nvidia thanks to a strong uptake in its integrated chips and the new 7000 series.

According to data from John Peddie Research (reported on by Fudzilla), in the fourth quarter of 2011 AMD managed to increase its piece of the graphical pie to just under 25 per cent. This is almost an 8 per cent jump on the previous quarter. In contrast, GeForce maker Nvidia dipped about 3 per cent.

The change up in desktop hardware is mostly down to Nvidia dropping the ball on its Kepler graphics processing units (GPU). While AMD managed to begin shipping its 28nm next-generation graphics cards in late 2011, Nvidia had to push back its own GPUs from an intended Q4 2011 release until the end of Q1 2012. It's not far away now, but unless the performance is incredible impressive - and even if it is to some extent - the damage has already been done. Anyone with Christmas money looking to get themselves a PCIexpress 3.0 card has already done so - they got an AMD one.

Early estimations of the Kepler hardware - some of them from Nvidia itself - suggest that it will be more powerful than even AMD's highest end 7900 cards, but it could be too little too late.

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