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Court Grants Sir Richard Branson Rights to

Sir Richard Branson acquired control over web address from an Australian person who originally registered the name as a "souvenir".

Branson filed a complaint against Sean Truman of Australia at the National Arbitration Forum which is a US based authority having power to adjudicate disputes related to rights over web addresses.

The authority found out that Truman "should have recognized that his registration and control of '' would serve to vex or embarrass" Sir Richard Branson, reported The Telegraph.

In its ruling National Arbitration Forum stated that, "Registering and holding a .xxx domain name identical to [Sir Richard's] mark without having any rights or interests therein is evidence of bad faith registration and use."

Truman in the month of December registered the disputed web address, however, he told the authority that he is "not involved" in any pornography or sex industry. Further, the person claimed that as a "souvenir" he got the name registered.

In his defence, Truman contended that the authority should allow him to keep the address as Richard Branson is not a "unique or unusual" name and also that Branson had "ample opportunity" for registering this address himself.