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EMP a Major Risk to UK Infrastructure IT Warn MPs

According to the House of Commons Defence Committee, nuclear weapon explosions in space could severely damage communications systems and power supply in the UK. As warned by the MPs, it also poses a serious threat to the country's satellite navigation systems and can disrupt water supply as well.

The report explains that explosion could have a devastating impact on the overall infrastructure of the UK and therefore there is an urgent need for beefing them up at a steady pace.

Although there is less chances of nuclear attacks from other countries but considering how ‘hostile' countries such as Iran and North Korea are developing their own nuclear arsenal, it was always better to remain in a state of alert.

"The potential impact of such a weapon could be devastating and long lasting for UK infrastructure. The government cannot therefore be complacent about this threat and must keep its assessment of the risk under review," claimed the committee report, reports Computing.

The committee also said that UK is highly dependent on its electronic infrastructure and any interruption in these services could require a long time to fix them. This is primarily because of insufficiency of spare parts. Due to interdependency of systems, the recovery plans become lest feasible and the consequences may result in a total failure.