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Ex AMD Employees Claim Initial Interest Was In Nvidia, Not ATI

Chip giant AMD was considering the acquisition of Nvidia before it finally settled for the purchase of ATI, claimed a group of former AMD employees.

Apparently, the company were negotiating their efforts with Nvidia but failed to reach a mutual agreement - and ended up abandoning the idea. One major issue that both companies disagreed upon was the future leadership of the combined organisation. According to the revelation made by the ex AMD employees, Nvidia's chief executive Jen Hsun wanted to become the CEO of the AMD-Nvidia merger; a proposal AMD simply refused to accept.

A report by The Inquirer stated that the company did however manage to acquire ATI for somewhere around $5.4 billion in 2006, but sadly the merger of both companies did not start on a particularly high note. The Fusion accelerator processing units that are currently available were supposed to have been released a lot earlier.

It's also rumoured that a couple of years after the deal had been signed, AMD chief executive Hector Ruiz gave in to the continuing failures faced by the company and decided to call it a day. Leaving a permanent black spot in his professional career, his tenure as the AMD CEO witnessed the company losing billions in revenues.

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