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Myself and Rob Kerr, Mobile Editor of, will be in Barcelona from the 25th of February to cover the Mobile World Congress event which will take place from the 27th to the 1st of March.

You can follow coverage of the Mobile World Congress 2012 via our dedicated section at which will include pre and post analysis, news and previews of the event. Don't forget that you can follow us on Twitter @itproportal and visit this page to get the latest updates on the world's biggest mobile related event.

14:53 - 01 March

That's it for us for MWC 2012. The conference is closing in 10 minutes and we will be heading to the airport ahead of our flight later today. MWC 2012 has been an excellent one. Here's the latest articles we've published over the last few hours on Mobile World Congress.

11:03 - 01 March

A quick update from on our last day at MWC 2012. There were protests yesterday outside Mobile World Congress which caused some commotion. And this morning we vacated our rooms as we get ready to fly back home.

Over the last day, Qualcomm announced that the first Windows for ARM PCs would be available to developers, Telefonica unveiled a new service called VMware Powered Dual Persona Service, we were told that LG would not sell the Optimus 3D Max in the UK because of poor sales and our own Rob produced a nice video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

18:47 - 29 February

And here is the last batch of MWC-2012 related articles. Windows 8 Consumer Preview was the highlight of the day overall.

17:18 - 29 February

Another update on the articles from Mobile World Congress 2012 that we published earlier today.

12:30 - 29 February

We caught up a couple of hours ago with Ali Sadri, who heads the WiGig Alliance for a brief update on this promising wireless technology. We also saw the first Android tablet with a USB 3.0 port as well as a 3D video of the LG Optimus 3D Max. More to come soon.

09:53 - 29 February

A quick roundup of MWC2012 articles that have been published since yesterday in chronological order.

17:16 - 28 February

Just finished a long marathon of meetings / booth visits at Canonical, Telmap, STEricsson, Mozilla, Panasonic, Viewsonic, Rock Chip, Karuma, MIPS, ARM, Transferjet, Myriad and Haier Mobile.

11:21 - 28 February

Intel has made a few announcements yesterday. A phone that will be launched in the Indian market, a new partnership with ZTE and more details about its SoC roadmap.

10:16 - 28 February

HTC One X has gone on preorder in the UK for only £31 per month which is quite cheap for a top of the range, just introduced smartphone. We've got pictures of a new unannounced Tegra 3-based Toshiba tablet, possibly one of the most gorgeous slates we've ever fondled.

09:28 - 28 February

Good morning from MWC 2012 - Day two. Been to Synchronica this morning, a UK-based integrated cross platform messaging service and attended Nvidia gig in the evening before heading to a Cisco Dinner. Below are pictures of a live show that took place yesterday.

19:11 - 27 February has now published a hands-on video walkthrough of the mid-range HTC One S mobile, along with a set of pictures of the 41megapixel 808 PureView camera phone by Nokia and a hands-on video of that very handset - all of which were launched at MWC 2012.

17:18 - 27 February

A few more Mobile World Congress related articles; Qualcomm releasing a new processor, the S4 Pro plus a few photos of the HTC One S courtesy of Rob Kerr.

16:27 - 27 February

Back from meetings with ARM, a short stint at Nvidia and Mediatek. Check the just published video of the HTC One X from Rob. He also published an update on the new phones launched by Nokia including a 41-megapixel camera phone plus photos of the HTC One X.

14:14 - 27 February

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 now official. Just a bigger version of the existing Note, without the phone capabilities and a worse camera.

13:26 - 27 February

Asus officially presented the Padfone (and its docking station) today nearly eight months after it was first unveiled in Taipei at Computex. The company also added two new tablets, the Transformer Pad Infinity and the Transformer 300 series.

12:00 - 27 February

ZTE cheapo Windows Phone (Orbit) and high end quad core handset (Era) have been announced.

10:37 - 27 February

Desire Athow here, just finished back to back updates from Imagination Technologies and Qualcomm.

08:29 - 27 February

Rob Kerr here, off to get some hands on images of the new devices and some video too

08:23 - 27 February

  • Nokia MWC 2012 Press Conference Ends *

08:18 - 27 February

Nokia app store hitting 13 million daily downloads

08:18 - 27 February

Nokia mapping updated, with groupon features built in

08:14 - 27 February

Nokia Pureview 808 coming out in May

08:13 - 27 February

Nokia Pureview 808 comes with monster headphones and a dolby digital plus

08:11 - 27 February

Pureview is the imaging technology and will be coming to other Nokia handsets, in the future - which is based on Satellite tech

08:09 - 27 February

Nokia 808 Pureview mobile phone launched - running Symbian Belle, with a 41 megapixel lens, made by Carl Zeiss

08:08 - 27 February

* UPDATED * Nokia Lumia 610 will be priced at 189 Euros, where the non-LTE 900 will cost 480 Euros

08:03 - 27 February

Nokia Lumia 610 announced - thier most affordable Windows Phone mobile phone

08:02 - 27 February

Windows Phone OS is now having its minimum specifications lowered to allow for just 256mb of memory, with support for the Qualcom 7x27a chipset

08:01 - 27 February

Nokia is now bringing the Lumia range to China

07:59 - 27 February

Skype for Windows Phone beta is now available to download, in the Windows Market Place - from today onwards

07:58 - 27 February

Nokia Reading - a new app coming to Lumia devices, delivering local news content from the upcoming news feature

07:57 - 27 February

New version of Nokia Drive coming to Windows Phones handsets

07:56 - 27 February

Nokia Lumia 900 coming to other countries, minus LTE but with better HSPA+ abilities - for the GSM network

07:54 - 27 February

Nokia Lumia 900 is also coming to Canada this year, with the same LTE features as the American counter part

07:52 - 27 February

Nokia Asha 302 will cost 95 Euros

07:51 - 27 February

Nokia Asha 302 also comes with a Microsoft Exchange client - free to download for older Asha handsets

07:50 - 27 February

Check out ITProPortal's exclusive Nokia 302 images here

07:49 - 27 February

Nokia Asha 302 - arrives with a qwerty keyboard and a 1Ghz processor - aimed at the social networker

07:47 - 27 February

Nokia Asha 202 and 203 prices at 60 Euros, coming out in the next 6 weeks

07:46 - 27 February

Nokia Asha 202 and 203 - will arrive with a gift package from EA games, worth 75 Euros

07:45 - 27 February

Nokia Asha 202 and 203 have new life tools, delivered by SMS - with topics such as Agricultural, Learning English and Nutation - in 16 local languages

07:42 - 27 February

Nokia Asha 202 and 203 are touch screen mobile phones

07:42 - 27 February

Stephen Elop - new mobile devices and services being announced today - Nokia Asha 202 203 302, all are smartphone-lite

07:39 - 27 February

Stephen Elop - one year ago, Nokia announced the new strategy

07:37 - 27 February

Nokia's CEO - Stephen Elop takes to the stage

07:36 - 27 February

Rob Kerr here, at Nokia's Mobile World Congress Press Conference - starting, anytime soon ....

22:23 - 26 February

Samsung Launches the Galaxy Tab 2 7 and 10-inch models as well as the Galaxy Beam projector phone. Interesting concept indeed.

22:14 - 26 February

Tons of pictures of the newest Xperia U and Xperia P available here. Worth noting that Sony provided us with giant 50 megapixel pictures of the phones on USB drives.

21:19 - 26 February

That's all from the HTC Press Conference Live Blog. We're off to get some hands on video and images - in the mean time, check out our exclusive leaked picture of the One S and One X

21:15 - 26 February

HTC One V has a 3.7 inch screen, whilst powered by a 1GHz processor, with 512GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage with microSD card, an 8 megapixel camera - running from Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, with the HTC Sense 4.0 overlay

21:11 - 26 February

HTC One S has a 4.3 inch screen, whilst powered by a dual core 1.5GHz processor, with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage with an 8 megapixel camera - running from Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, with the HTC Sense 4.0 overlay

20:57 - 26 February

  • HTC One Press Conference Over *

20:56 - 26 February

Peter Chou - HTC One will launch in April, with 144 mobile operators

20:49 - 26 February

HTC One X has a polycarbon unibody, with a gorilla glass

20:44 - 26 February

Peter Chou - HTC One V announced

20:44 - 26 February

Peter Chou - HTC One S announced, their thinnest phone yet

20:43 - 26 February

Peter Chou - HTC One powered by Nvidia quad core or Qualcomm snapdragon, with the LTE version - both have a 4.7 inch HD screen

20:41 - 26 February

Peter Chou - shows the HTC One on stage, looks like it's the name of the phone and not the series after all

  • UPDATE* - it's called the One X, after all

20:38 - 26 February

Peter Chou - Sense 4 has a car mode for music, which will work with most cars - for playback of music on the phone

20:33 - 26 February

Peter Chou - Sense 4 has Beats Audio integrated, with all movies, music, YouTube, etc

20:31 - 26 February

Peter Chou - media link feature of Sense 4, allows media to be streamed to HDTV - with mirror and two screen mode

20:29 - 26 February

Peter Chou - drop box cloud storage added to Sense 4, with 25GB free storage, for two years

20:27 - 26 February

Peter Chou - image sense allows video to be recorded, with picture capture - at the same time

20:25 - 26 February

Peter Chou - shows images of the HTC One with HDR on, compared to the iPhone 4S, with HDR on - pictures appear brighter with HTC

20:22 - 26 February

Peter Chou - HTC One has f 2.0 lens, allowing 44 per cent more light in picture capture

20:21 - 26 February

Peter Chou - continuous pictures shooting possible with image sense, aka burst mode

20:20 - 26 February

Peter Chou - with image sense, pictures can be taken in 0.7 seconds

20:18 - 26 February

Peter Chou - HTC Sense 4 and the Ones have a new image sensor, called image sense

20:17 - 26 February

Peter Chou - the camera is the number two most used feature of a phone, after making calls

20:16 - 26 February

Peter Chou talks about the HTC Sense 4 overlay, with a new camera ability

20:14 - 26 February

Peter Chou introduces the HTC One, the new series of HTC phones

20:11 - 26 February

HTC's CEO, Peter Chou takes to the stage

20:11 - 26 February

HTC has just outed some images on Facebook, of the new One series and before its launch event has started - see here

20:02 - 26 February

Live Blogging from the HTC Press Conference - which should be starting any second now.

19:58 - 26 February

Rob Kerr here, at the HTC press conference for the reported launch of the One S, One V and One X.

Stay tuned for more information.

19:08 - 26 February

Our article on the MediaPad 10FHD, Huawei's soon to be launched quad core, full HD tablet is here.

18:28 - 26 February

We're done here... Going to take some pictures now of those three handsets. Ciao for now.

18:27 - 26 February

So no Windows Phone handset launched today, no new tablets and perhaps most importantly no follow up to the Xperia Play which seems to have pushed down the pecking order to promote the PS Vita.

18:25 - 26 February

Xperia U has dual core 1GHz processor, a 3.5-inch display and a five megapixel camera. Shipping in Q2 and available in 2 colours. A smaller version of the Xperia P and the right heir to the Xperia X10 and the X8.

18:23 - 26 February

Xperia P has a 4-inch screen with WhiteMagic which Steve Walker says it is the brightest screen on the market. Same camera and it even comes with an optional smart dock called SmartDock. You can even combine with a wireless keyboard/mouse to make it a complete pseudo-computer. It also comes with NFC-enabled SmartTags. Available in 3 colours, shipping in mid-Q2.

18:15 - 26 February

HD ready Xperia Ion to launch outside the US in Summer 2012. Two additonal Sony Xperia smartphones coming, the Xperia P and the Xperia U as part of the Sony Xperia Nxt series. Steve Walker, CMO of Sony Mobile Communications takes the floor.

18:12 - 26 February

Bert says that the success of Sony Mobile has been underpinned by Android and Sony's USP is its ability to integrate its services and hardware (mobiles and tablets).

18:11 - 26 February

Just noticed that the text of speeches was being rolled on two giant screens.... "Play Watch Listen and Create" could be the new buzz expression for Sony Mobile.

18:09 - 26 February

"Deliver a user experience only possible through Sony" and "creating products exclusive to Sony" are two of the key strategies Hirai mentioned during his keynote.

18:06 - 26 February

Strengthening core businesses (including television) and leveraging digital imaging and game assets into mobile products. Interesting to see how they will do that with PS Vita as well.

18:05 - 26 February

Kazuo Hirai, Executive Director of Sony Corporation takes the floor to expose the plans of Sony Mobile, as part of One Sony Team

18:03 - 26 February

Bert Nortberg, President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications takes the floor. Sony Xperia S video and Sony's new five screen strategy (with the Vita in the mix) just ran a few seconds ago.

18:01 - 26 February

Event starting now. Complete darkness. Pictures will follow when we reconnect to a decent Wi-Fi connection.

17:56 - 26 February

Lights are going out. Bar is now closed, the event is set to start in the next 200 seconds.

17:51 - 26 February

Presentation starts at 1900 local time says the voice off and the bar will be closed.

17:48 - 26 February

Wi-Fi is patchy at best at the Sony Mobile conference & we might occasionally run out of bandwidth and cut out. The house is now full and ready to start.

17:41 - 26 February

We're now live blogging at the Sony Mobile event in the Palau San Jordi Club wher the Sony Xperia S and the Xperia U are expected to be officially announced in the next few minutes.

17:31 - 26 February

We've updated our article and added 19 pictures of the Ascend D1 Quad smartphone.

16:24 - 26 February

See what we found. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is taking here.

16:13 - 26 February

My article on the Huawei Ascend D Quad is up here. More pictures to follow soon.

15:51 - 26 February

Pictures of the D Quad coming up very soon. All in all, Huawei are on with a winner, especially if they price it at around £400 SIM Free. First impressions are very, very good indeed, not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S2.

15:33 - 26 February

Huawei has a quad core full, full HD screen tablet in the room.... UMTS as well... Spokesperson mentioned iPad as well

15:31 - 26 February

Asked a quick question as to whether the D Quad will be the first of a trend where Huawei will be using its own IP (as in its Application Processor) and push out the likes of TI, Nvidia or Qualcomm.

15:28 - 26 February

Huawei spokesperson doesn't want to say HiSilicon is their silicon partner.

15:27 - 26 February

Huawei wants to sell more than 60 million smartphones this year.

15:26 - 26 February

Question regarding whether phone Application processor is 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz. Answer is there will be two models. AP will have smart clocking.

15:24 - 26 February

Phone's approximately 130g.

15:21 - 26 February

Launching markets for this phone : Chinese first, then European markets

15:20 - 26 February

Question time : Pricing of D Quad, 15 per cent to 20 per cent more competitive than same class smartphone says chairman.

15:18 - 26 February

D Quad XL is just 2mm thicker than the normal D Quad. 2mm thicker, 39 per cent more battery life. As far as decisions go, this one is a no brainer. How much more expensive will it be though?

15:14 - 26 February

Huawei says it will upgrade the battery capacity to nearly 3000mAh battery in the same chassis. How it will achieve this feat, no details yet.

15:12 - 26 February

Huawei will also have an XL smartphone that will come with a much bigger 2500mAh battery, one of the biggest in the industry. Funnily enough, Huawei had a slide (power consumption), comparing its SoC to a desktop PC with an empty socket in view.

15:07 - 26 February

All in all, Huawei went for Apple's iPhone 4S jugular vein. Straight, heads-on, direct comparison with the industry's de facto standard. On paper - like so many times in the past - the iPhone 4S loses out. Let's see how it will fare in real life.

15:02 - 26 February

The phone comes with an audio processing technology which cleanses the background noise. Interesting that HiSilicon is in the crowd, sitting just behind us.

15:00 - 26 February

Huawei launched Ascend D Quad. Uses a 1.5GHz quad core Huawei-built SoC. Comes with 4.5-inch HD screen, eight mp camera, ICS and a 1800mAh battery

13:59 - 26 February

Off to Huawei event where the Chinese company is set to release its first quad core smartphone, the Ascend D1 Q

11:49 - 26 February

Rob Kerr is now here in Barcelona, weather is great, off to register for the event; stay tuned for more information from Huawei, Sony and HTC today.

15:59 - 25 February

am at Luton Airport with @robkerr waiting for our flight to Barcelona, lovely weather, no queuing. Latest update from GSMA, trains are running fine but not buses.

10:39 - 25 February

And here's the HTC One X in flesh, well almost.

16:14 - 24 February

We've got a dozen or so exclusive pictures of the HTC One S, formerly known as the HTC Ville, up on our site as well as a few confirmation regarding the phone's hardware configuration. The HTC One S will be the company's mainstream, mid-range model, sandwiched between the One X and the One V.

15:20 - 24 February

In the meantime, here are some MWC related articles published in the last 24 hours.

14:59 - 24 February

Stay tuned as we've got some exclusive pictures of the HTC One S coming up soon.

14:36 - 24 February

But in the meantime we will be posting pre-MWC 2012 news & rumours on this page.

14:35 - 24 February

Our live blog will be running continuously from Saturday afternoon till Thursday evening.

Desire worked at ITProPortal right at the beginning and was instrumental in turning it into the leading publication we all know and love today. He then moved on to be the Editor of TechRadarPro - a position he still holds - and has recently been reunited with ITProPortal since Future Publishing's acquisition of Net Communities.