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Google Hires Former Congresswoman Susan Molinari

Google announced on Thursday that it is appointing Susan Molinari as its Washington office's head. Molinari, the renowned former congresswoman, will be joining the web giant as its vice president of public policy and government relations for Americas.

Molinari will be beginning her term at Google from mid March and she will be responsible for managing government outreach as well as policy advocacy in North and South America.

A Google official stated that Molinari's mission will be to "help lawmakers and regulators understand Google's business - both the technology and its impact on the economy and our culture." reported Politico.

This appointment of a former congresswoman will enhance Google's government firepower which is very crucial for the company as these days lawmakers as well as regulators are increasing their scrutiny on various issues like antitrust, security, privacy and so on.

The new vice president will be the successor of Alan Davidson who opened the Washington office of Google. In the month of November last year, he announced his departure from the post of Google's Washington policy and lobbying operations head.

A senior vice president of corporate development and chief legal officer at Google, David Drummond, commented that he is excited about the new appointment.

Drummond stated that Molinari is a "true trailblazer" and also that her enthusiasm for Google's technology coupled with her potential for changing lives will be an asset for the company.