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Google to Provide 'Do Not Track' Button on Chrome

Google is planning to introduce an embedded "do not track" button in its popular web browser Chrome so as to enable users to easily and effectively restrict the amount of information they want to share with online advertisers.

Apparently, the move reflects the company's will to join other Internet outfits in their anti tracking campaign. "We're pleased to join a broad industry agreement to respect the ‘do-not-track' header in a consistent and meaningful way that offers users choice and clearly explained browser controls," Google Senior Vice President of Advertising Susan Wojcicki stated, reported Bloomberg.

The move from the company has come after the Obama administration decided to take some proactive measures in helping out internet users to protect their privacy over the Web. The US government even appealed to the Congress on Thursday to introduce a stronger privacy bill that would safeguard users' privacy interests while they surf online.

It is worth noting here that the many potential privacy-threats that were exposed during the past one year have drawn some rather strong reactions from lawmakers as well as regulators in Washington. Subsequently, the pressure on Web companies like Google to take stronger precautionary measures for protecting users' online privacy has substantially increased.