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Google To Replace Motorola Mobility CEO

According to reports, following Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. the web search giant is planning to replace Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobility. The reports have cited an unnamed source close to Google who stated that the company might appoint an insider for the post.

The source further claims that Dennis Woodside will replace Jha to be the new CEO of the smartphone manufacturing company. Woodside is a Google executive resposible for integrating Motorola Mobility into Google Inc.

Google had not yet commented on any details about the leadership change of Motorola Mobility, but gave the following statement: "Sanjay is fully engaged, focused on running the business and getting the deal closed," reported Chicago Business. The $12.5 billion acquisition deal succeeded in getting both European Union and US antitrust approval, however, it is yet to complete the entire acquisition process.

The Mountain View company has assured the industry that Motorola Mobility will be run as an independent company but analysts believes that Google's move has been inspired by its interest in Motorola's patent portfolio.

Current CEO Jha was appointed the top post of this company when Motorola Mobility was emerged from a split of Motorola Solutions Inc. last year. Before joining Motorola in 2008, Jha was the COO of Qualcomm Inc.

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