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Intel Making 22nm Deals with Other Chip Makers

Intel has confirmed that it has been making discrete deals with other chip makers to provide access to its 22nm 3D process based on tri-gate transistor technology.

While details are a bit thin on the ground - doesn't the tech industry love speculation - Zdnet has confirmation from Intel that it has been making agreements with technology firms beyond the ones with Tabula and Achronix Semiconducter.

While it might seem like Intel is making a bit of a blunder by releasing a technology into the wild that until now, gave it somewhat of a monopoly, it could be an attempt by the chip giant to dilute the mobile game - a market that is dominated by ARM hardware at the moment. By releasing its incredibly energy efficient design to other smaller chip firms, it could provide more competition for its main chip rival.

It seems unlikely that Intel will be releasing the design to anyone that could compete with it in the desktop market, but it's not like there's much competition at the moment. AMD's Bulldozer chips were quite a big disappointment at launch, performing worse in quite a few instances than Intel's standard Sandy Bridge hardware.

The already announced partnerships with this technology were made a couple of days ago, with Intel stating that it had worked closely with Tabula throughout the development process. However, Intel said that any products produced by other companies wouldn't be available until after Ivy Bridge has begun shipping in volume - so we likely won't get a look at what they might be until the latter part of 2012.

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