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Intel's LibreOffice - Coming To A Windows User Near You

Recent news reports suggest that Intel has released LibreOffice to Windows users through their AppUp application Store.

LibreOffice is a popular and widely used open-source office suite and to date Linux distributors such as Ubuntu and openSUSE have been in full support of the system. Now the very useful and user friendly office suite will be available for Microsoft users.

Behind this LibreOffice open source office suite is the newly incorporated group, The Document Foundation. In a statement released on their official website, it was revealed that: "LibreOffice for Windows from SUSE is available in Intel AppUp Center as a special, five-language version featuring English, German, French, Spanish and Italian."

It also went on to state: "As a validated Intel AppUp Center app, LibreOffice for Windows from SUSE features a new, smooth, silent installation flow and improved un-installation cleanup."

Available for users of Linux, Windows as well as Mac OS X, the latest version by Intel will extend support to the most active desktop rival of Microsoft's Office suite. This is a surprising development as Intel has been a long term ally of the Redmond based software giant.

In fact, Intel even joined The Document Foundation to provide financial support to the Microsoft Office's active rival.

These moves will not only effect Microsoft Office's market position but also the company's equation with the chip maker, Intel.

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