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Microsoft, Google and Netflix Eager To Propose HTML Anti-Copying Extension

The representatives from tech giants Microsoft, Google and Netflix have reportedly put forward a new proposal designed to introduce an anti-copying extension for the WC3 standard for HTML5.

Meanwhile, many of the other WC3 members such as Ian Hickson - a well known Google employee - have raised their concerns against this new proposal and asked for its immediate withdrawal. Hickson even went on to label the new proposal as totally "unethical".

Apparently, the aim of the proposal is not to mandate an entire DRM platform, but to instead provide the elements needed for a generic key-based content decryption system.

Experts are also criticising the move for the potential damage it could unleash once brought into effect. A detailed report authored by Ryan Paul in Ars Technica gives an insight into the various aspects associated with this new extension.

"Mozilla's Robert O'Callahan warned that the pressure to provide DRM in browsers might lead to a situation where major browser vendors and content providers attempt to push forward a suboptimal solution without considering the implications for other major stakeholders," Paul wrote in the report.

Despite being backed up by numerous key stake holders, the new proposal seems to be a long way away from being implemented due to the sheer lack of broader support within the industry.

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