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Microsoft Up Their Game With Dynamics CRM Upgrade

As part of their plans to position themselves as a worthy service in the competitive customer relationship management software market, Microsoft has heightened its efforts in Dynamics CRM.

One year following the release of the company's most important upgrade for the CRM to date, the Redmond based heavyweight decided to replace general manager Brad Wilson with former corporate senior VP and chief of staff of Global Solutions, Dennis Michalis.

Since undergoing this change, the software giant announced last month that they would be releasing a Q2 service update for the Dynamics CRM, code-named R8, sometime within the next quarter. This update will add mobile support to include iPhones, iPads and also Android powered devices as well as providing users access to CRM Online from various web browsers other than Internet Explorer such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome, reported Redmond Channel Partner.

The new update also integrates enhanced support for various social media websites by adding filters for the activation of feeds as well as offering a number of different industry specific templates.

The new general manager stated that he believes enterprises are making the shift to a more centralised view of Dynamics CRM, and hopes to step up Microsoft's game within the virtual marketplace.