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Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta to Land on February 29th

Along with the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft will also be unveiling Visual Studio 11's beta version next Wednesday.

Visual Studio 11 along with Team Foundation Server 11 has "hundreds" of latest features and Microsoft is addressing a very small selection before the release of the beta version. Visual Studio 11 will offer holistic solutions and also performance enhancements for various regularly performed tasks.

Unlike Visual Studio 2010, which is full of attractive colours, the new Visual Studio 11 is more "grey" to look at. For improving the scope to focus on text without any distraction the company decided to get rid of bright colours on the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), reported ARS Technica.

The new version is simpler as well as flatter as it does not have subdivisions, gradients and any other unnecessary details. This Metro designed version looks a lot like Visual Studio 2003, Office XP and Expression Blend. However, there is another version having darker theme but same simple and flat design.

Microsoft confirmed that Visual Studio 11 beta and .NET 4.5 beta will launch on 29th February.