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New Windows 8 Logo Revealed - As The Completely Wrong Version

A week ago, reports surfaced that the upcoming Windows 8 logo had been leaked online. However, the designer of the logo, Paula Scher, claims that the dimensions are incorrect and that the colours featured are not the same as those she had planned to add in the logo.

Commenting on the leak, Scher said: "Someone took a picture of a logo or made a stamping,"

She also went on to say: "Some Chinese website leaked it. They put up the wrong form, wrong type size, etc" reported Co.Design.

Paula Scher is a celebrated designer who works for the multi-disciplinary design firm, Pentagram. The firm's official statement stated that Scher along with her team developed a "complete system" based on a notion of perspective.

According to the designer Windows 8 is not even a part of this logo, whilst the typography of the logo was provided by its Metro team; and it was only after much deliberation that the design team settled for this simple yet attractive design.

The leaked logo has initiated a number of discussions amongst analysts, experts as well as consumers. Many have praised the design, whilst others have disapproved of the logo - but whatever the outcome, it's generated quite a tremendous amount of publicity, which could very well work for the company as well as Windows 8.

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