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Noon News: T-Mobile USA Bleeds Contract Customers, OnLive Desktop Plus, Google Docs for Android Upgraded

T-Mobile USA had to go through some rather tough time during the final quarter of 2011 as the company reportedly lost 802,000 of its post-paid customers during that period. Although, it added a net 276,000 new prepaid connections, the growing dissatisfaction amongst customers was clearly visible in the company's overall performance in the quarter.

A month ago, cloud gaming platform OnLive decided to utilise their sophisticated technologies to put Windows 7 on Apple's iPad. The platform declared the launch of OnLive Desktop which is a free service to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and also Excel in their full fledged editions on Apple iPads.

Mountain View based software powerhouse Google has announced that the Android variant of Google Docs now allows users to collaborate on documents. The updated app now allows a user to edit and see the changes made by the other users on their android handset in real time, the company announced on a proud note.

ZTE has announced that it will launch a quad core smartphone at Mobile World Congress next week, becoming the third mobile manufacturer after Huawei and LG to announce a handset with a four core processor. A press statement issued yesterday says that the phone will be the company's flagship handset and will be one of eight new devices announced by the Chinese company.

Defying all the concerns about 4G network connections not being available in the UK's telecom sector by 2015, mobile operator Everything Everywhere is reportedly planning to roll out LTE connection in the country. In order to accomplish its goal and emerge as the first telco to be launching 4G connections in the country, the operator must win the approval from Ofcom first.