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OnLive Desktop Plus Launched, Brings in IE 9 and Web Browsing

A month ago, cloud gaming platform OnLive decided to utilise their sophisticated technologies to put Windows 7 on Apple's iPad.

The platform declared the launch of OnLive Desktop which is a free service to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and also Excel in their full fledged editions on Apple iPads.

OnLive also announced that it is working on the development of a more powerful Pro edition which will allow users to install apps for customising their environment and this facility will be available for just $9.99 every month, reported Time.

However, the OnLive Desktop Pro is not yet ready and as it is taking its own time, the company has decided to introduce another edition that will have Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and also Internet Explorer.

For now the company has brought out a new edition dubbed OnLive Desktop Plus which comes with Internet Explorer. In fact, OnLive's founder, Steve Perlman also provided a demo of this service that will cost $4.99 every month.

Internet Explorer might not be everyone's preferred browser, but having a browser on this service would definitely prove to be a great resource as it would be more or less a gateway to the infinite pool of resources - the web.