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Oracle Files Lawsuit Against Companies Offering Unofficial Sun Solaris Support Services

Last week, Oracle filed a suit in a US District Court for the Northern District of California claiming that two companies have violated its intellectual property rights. According to the company, this is part of "grey market" conspiracy for providing support to Oracle's hardware as well as Sun Solaris operating system.

In the suit Oracle named provider of managed services ServiceKey of Norcross and also DLT Federal Business Systems Corp which is known for providing IT services to various government agencies.

In the complaint, Oracle mentioned that ServiceKey as well as DLT-FBSC "conspired to steal and distribute copyrighted, proprietary Oracle software code, along with the login credentials necessary to download this code from Oracle's password-protected websites." reported Computer World.

Further the complaint says that the purpose of these two companies is to offer support for Oracle hardware to various customers without any active support contract with the company. That means Oracle might face huge financial losses if both these companies succeeds in doing this.

Oracle also stated that these two companies have convinced those customers who are making payments for Oracle support to cancel the Support contracts and then get similar service by paying less to DLT-FBSC and that these moves are completely legal.

Both these companies did not make any comment about the suit brought against them by Oracle.