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Pope Will be Starting a Twitter Account

The Pope will soon have a Twitter account, so get ready for some insightful, potentially Latin language tweets from the head of the catholic faith.

The Vatican has put quite a bit of effort into modernising the church in recent years, with the Pope - being a self-confessed fan of the internet - helping oversee the launch of the Pope2You website and a YouTube channel. This is the latest push to put the Pope himself in touch with the masses.

Not every Tweet will be from the Pope specifically, but the big man will always approve what's being said according to a Guardian source. There will be a frequent, daily tweet schedule throughout Lent, with the Pope posting a single message every day relevant to the people taking part in the period of abstinence.

There has not been a date set for the creation of the account (though if they want to take part in Lent tweeting they'll need to get a move on) and no official name has been announced, but it might be linked in with the current Pope2You account that has been tweeting for a while now.

While the faithful on the social network might follow the Pope once the account is made, I can't imagine it being particularly entertaining for anyone else since it's likely to be very official. It'll be funny to see once again how Justin Bieber and similarly vapid celebrities have far more followers than those that would be taken more seriously by the adult population.

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