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T-Mobile USA Customer Defections Continue, to Launch 4G LTE in 2013

T-Mobile USA had to go through some rather tough time during the final quarter of 2011 as the company reportedly lost 802,000 of its post-paid customers during that period. Although, it added a net 276,000 new prepaid connections, the growing dissatisfaction amongst customers was clearly visible in the company's overall performance in the quarter.

Not only that, the net figure of connected devices also dropped by almost 95,000 which included an approximate loss of 265,000 lines from just one customer cancellation. The company had a 33.2 million strong customer base at the end of 2011 which is shockingly over half a million less than what it used to be just a year back.

The quarterly service revenues during Q4 2011 also declined to almost USD 4.6 billion, which was 2.7 percent lower year-on-year.

"For T-Mobile USA, the past year was characterized by significant challenges, particularly in the fourth quarter, following the market launch of the new Apple iPhone model by the three major national competitors in October," T-Mobile stated, as reported by AllThingsD.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom - the parent company of T-Mobile, announced on Thursday that the company will be dishing out a brand new high-speed LTE service some time during next year.