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Twitter On The Hunt For 500 Millionth User

On Wednesday at around 3 pm EST, microblogging service Twitter were hoping to witness the arrival of its 500 millionth user - noting a significant landmark for this popular social networking website.

With data provided by third party analyst firm for Twitter,, the countdown for this milestone has already begun; and according to the official countdown board there have been 13 new accounts registered per second.

However, whilst keeping an eye out for this crucial moment, the analyst firm also noticed that many of the 100,000 accounts checked have been either suspended or closed. It also emerged that several other accounts remain inactive but still display the default profile image of an egg, with 53 per cent of the sample accounts analysed by appearing to be completely dormant, much to Twitter's dismay.

Despite the latest developments the company posted a blog stating: "It is however likely that from the huge amount of new accounts that have been registered in the last year, the statistics will not differ greatly from what we found here," reported Mashable.

The latest update is that sometime after 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday Twitter achieved the landmark of the 500 millionth registered user. According to it is estimated that it will take 108 days until the website hits their benchmark of 600 million users.

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