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Windows Server 8 Operating System will be More Storage Focused: Microsoft

Windows Server 8 is going to be the most storage oriented OS launched till date, claimed Microsoft executives. The beta of this forthcoming offering from the Redmond based software giant will be made available in the next few weeks.

Microsoft brags that the Windows Server 8 will be compatible with both SQL Server and Hyper-V that will run over the SMB (Server Message Block) v2.2 file sharing protocol.

The SMB 2.2 will make its debut alongside Windows 8. It is expected to be accompanied by a handful of changes, aimed at enhancing SMB2 capabilities when it comes to catering to the requirements of data centres such as SMB2 Remote Direct Memory Access (RMDA) Transport Protocol as well as multichannel.

Microsoft's partner architect in the File Server Technologies development unit, Jim Pinkerton, went on to compare this crucial mechanism of using RDMA over InfiniBand or Ethernet to that involved in the most commonly used high-speed storage protocol Fibre Channel.

"Think about going over the network for storage to get better performance, but your CPU [use] doesn't go up," Pinkerton stated, as reported by PC World.

Microsoft announced that Windows Server 8 is going to come equipped with features that will enable administrators to capture snapshots of data in order to come up with a detailed list of flaws which they can utilise in coping up with the situation with no difficulties whatsoever.