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Apple Improves Song Quality With Mastered For iTunes Service

Apple Inc. has introduced a brand new feature within their iTunes Store. Dubbed ‘Mastered for iTunes', this new function allows engineers and audio producers to enhance the sound quality of their files without having to revert to FLAC.

The service offers around 100 mastered albums under several categories such as Rock, Jazz, Classic, Alternative Rock, as well as many others. The section even features a dedicated grouping for the albums of progressive rock legend, Pink Floyd.

Apple has also created the option to purchase individual songs, with album prices to start at $7.99.

"I listened to two Mastered For iTunes tracks this morning, just for an initial comparison: Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, which just had its 20th birthday recently, and Metallica's Hate Train," explained Jamie Lendeno in PC Mag.

"Hate Train definitely sounds a little punchier and less "smashed" than the audiophile disaster that was 2008's Death Magnetic album," Lendeno concluded.