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Apple Looking to Make Thinner Keyboards

Apple is planning to redesign the classic input methods and is looking to make keyboard thinner and lighter than ever.

Apple's obsession for thinner and lighter keyboard has been unveiled through a patent application named "Single Support Level Keyboard Mechanism". The document provides an insight to this company's various plans and methods to reduce the size and weight of the keyboard without compromising with its performance.

The document reads as "It would be beneficial to provide a keyboard for a portable computing device that is aesthetically pleasing, yet still provides the stability for each key that users desire," reported Apple Insider.

The patent filling describes that the present size of the keyboard pose a challenge for Apple because they are determined to created lighter, thinner as well as very attractive devices.

Apple's solution for providing thinner and lighter keyboard is a "single support level keyboard mechanism" that will allow to use any material to create the keyboard cap.

No matter which material the company choose to design the keyboard, Apple will provide rigid support level to the keyboard's key caps. The document further shed light on few other plans and inventions that the company plans to work on.