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Google Music Not Able to Strike the Right Chords

Google Music was expected to provide "inside track marketing music" facility to approximately 200 million users of Android powered devices all over the world, however, till now the ambitious service from the web search giant has not succeeded in attaining this goal.

According to reports, despite three months since the release of this new service it has lots to perform and prove. In fact, quoting various sources c|net further suggested that Google's managers have discussed with their counterparts at the music labels about low customer adoption as well as below expected revenues.

Even though it has been a while since the service has been launched, there is a huge need of marketing drive to make it more prominent. The managers of the web search giant have reportedly informed the record companies that Google is trying to fix few issues related to the Google Music.

The service which has huge potential customer base because it was supposed to be an Android based device companion service failed to make any impact in the last three months. With the aim to be powerhouse of music, Google Music was launched in the month of November last year and at that time the number of Android device users was beyond 200 million.