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Mozilla Marketplace To Open Its Virtual App Doors

Open source browser Mozilla has announced that it is all set to step in the spotlight provided by the Mobile World Congress in order to officially open its much talked about app store Mozilla Marketplace. The company confirmed that once open, they will begin looking into submissions for applications based on Javascript, HTML5, CSS and other Internet technologies.

Should all go well for Mozilla, the company could make Mozilla Marketplace available for the public by June this year.

Mozilla also claimed that it intends to make the store completely "people centric" so that it can provide both the developers community and regular users more choice, freedom as well as opportunity when searching for applications meant for multiple OS platforms - all under one virtual roof.

"The Web is the largest platform in the world. We are enabling the Web to be the marketplace, giving developers the opportunity to play on the biggest playing field imaginable," Todd Simpson, Mozilla's chief of innovation said, as reported by The Inquirer.

"Mozilla is now unlocking the potential of the Web to be the platform for creating and consuming content everywhere," it added.