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Orange Offers Quick Tap Treats With UK Restaurant Chain Eat

Mobile network operator Orange has revealed their newest service of Quick Tap Treats, the UK's very first mobile contactless retail rewards scheme.

Partnering with UK restaurant chain Eat, the initiative will be available for customers with near field communications (NFC) enabled smartphone devices. The rewards of this scheme will include free food as well as a number of other incentives.

Orange has confirmed that this venture will begin next month and carry on through to summer. The firm explained: "Last year we started a whole new movement in the way consumers make payments on the high street, and with Quick Tap Treats, we're continuing this with a new and innovative way for our customers to receive rewards for their loyalty." reported The Inquirer.

For customers taking part in the loyalty scheme, the company will offer free coffee, a free baguette for lunch as well as much more as a thank you for using the company's service.

Orange also explained that its 200,000 customers can use the Quick Tap Treats service during lunch, however, the customer must be an owner of either a Blackberry, Samsung or Acer device to access the service.

Should the customer be unsure of whether or not their device has NFC built-in Orange will send a text message to inform them about their device as well as the scheme.

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