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Sony Could Use AMD GPU For Playstation 4

AMD may end up powering both the future Xbox and Sony's Playstation 4 console, leaving Nvidia out in the cold.

Forbes quotes former AMD staff who said that Sony could switch from one GPU designer to the other one.

AMD already has its chip in the Xbox 360 while Nvidia powered the original Xbox console.

What's interesting though is that Sony already uses a third GPU provider, Imagination Technologies, for its newest gaming console, the Playstation Vita.

The PowerVR SGX series is quietly becoming a major force in gaming thanks to the rise of smartphones as capable portable game platforms.

And lest not forget Nvidia (with the Tegra series) and Qualcomm (with Adreno range - whose IP was acquired from AMD years ago).

While AMD CFO's Thomas Seifert, has clearly announced that gaming will be a key revenue driver for the company this year, the fact that it has zero presence in the mobile market could hinder growth. is live-blogging from Barcelona from Saturday evening, covering the pre-MWC 2012 events happening on Sunday and from Monday to Thursday, the event itself. You can follow our real-time thread here.

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