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Apple Working on New Micro Dock Connector for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Apple has plans to change the current version of dock connectors for its iDevices; apparently, for future versions of iPad, iPhone and iPod we are going to see a smaller micro dock, The Telegraph reports.

The obvious downside would be that an alteration of the dock connectors would make the huge number of Apple products already in use incompatible with the new generation of iDevices.

There are however, some good reasons why Apple might take such a potentially disruptive decision. A smaller dock connector would allow Apple to integrate other new components (such as a 4G radio) or a larger battery, say.

The next-gen handsets should benefit from the change, and it could help to rectify the annoyingly short battery life that many iPhone 4S owners have complained of.

As iMore points out, Apple has used a similar strategy in the past to free up a bit of extra space, for example by replacing the common mini SIM cards with micro SIM cards. They also altered the design of the iPhone 4 by moving the antenna around the edge instead of being at the core of the handset, to allow for a more sizable battery and incorporate a larger camera sensor.

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