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Apple's iPad 3 To Feature Two Processors

The next edition of Apple's iPad is just around the corner, and the most debated and rumoured topic surrounding the device is whether the tablet will have a developed and much faster A5 chip or a completely revamped A6 chip. The company has not revealed any details as yet but according to Mark Gurman of 9 to 5 Mac the Cupertino manufacturer is working on both chips.

Gurman stated that there is evidence hidden in the iOS 5.1 beta version which indicates that the company is working on two next generation chips.

According to reports, the A5X is supposedly an updated version of the present iPad chip. The new model includes an improved graphics function, with the A6 acting as a quad-core processor with the ability to increase tablet power as well as facilitate its users to shift between various applications more swiftly, reported Washington Post.

Gurman has stated that there are a few "purely speculative" reasons about why Apple must be developing two chips at a time. Maybe the company wishes to check which one works better with the upcoming tablet, perhaps there will be two versions of the same device or maybe the A5X is for the smaller sized iPad which according to suppliers is under trial.

However, nothing has been set in stone until Apple releases a statement or when the device finally arrives on the market.

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