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Canada Raises Concern over Google’s New Privacy Policy

Canada's privacy watchdog has raised its concerns with Google regarding the company's new privacy policy which has already drawn severe criticism from various corners of the world.

According to reports, the privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart wrote a letter to the Mountain View based search giant in which she asked the company to clarify how it intends to use the personal data collected from its users under the new policy.

Stoddart reportedly pointed out the loopholes present in the new policy which could force users to share their personal data even if they were reluctant to do so. Apparently, for this reason she wanted the search giant to explain how it is going to make sure that users can effectively separate the information stored in their various Google accounts once the policy is enforced on the coming March 1.

"As we understand it, the policy changes do not mean that Google is collecting more information about its users than it currently does," Stoddart wrote, reports Montreal Gazette.

"They do, however, mean that you are going to be using the information in new ways - ways that may make some users uncomfortable," she added.